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Wired networks have been around for decades. By far the most common wired networking technology found in offices today is known as Ethernet. Cat 5 cables connect the computers and other devices that make up the networks. Wireless networks are relatively new. They don't use cables for connections; instead, they use radio waves, like cordless phones.

Our certified network technicians can customise your small business computer network solution to meet your business requirements. We will arrange for an on site networking consultation meeting, where we will spend the time required obtaining a thorough understanding of your networking needs. We can provide new network installation, upgrade your existing computer network, and provide computer network training for you utilizing the latest in networking technology.  We understand the importance of keeping your network running at its best. With the ability to install and test both fast Ethernet and Gigabit infrastructures, our network technicians can install new cable, or upgrade your existing network cable.

Want to share Internet access on your home computers? Our home network technicians can evaluate your needs and assist you with deciding whether new home networking technologies, such as a wireless network, fast Ethernet or Gigabit networking with wired cable will meet your expectations.

While a network may only look like a load of old wires, there's many companies selling networking products. We choose Connectix for all out networking needs as they are the market leaders.