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Independent Financial Adviser Support

While an IFA may consider their business to be much like any other business. IFAs have another reasons to have dedicated support. They are specalised.


Very few computer companies exist to support the needs of an IFA business. Most support comes in the form of a helpdesk solution provided by software houses. And while they do provide good support, they are often very expensive or out of the area.


Most computer shops can fix a computer, but how many know about Data Protection, Compliance, or even what a wrapper is?? We do because we speak your language.


We believe we offer the best level of support for IFA's because we came from that background. We have many IFAs on contracts and some since 2001. Why? simply because once you find a good support engineer, you keep them for life. (same as high net worth clients)


Its possible you only need support when its needed. We offer a Call Out service starting from £35* per hour with a daily cap of £300 per business day, or £45* per hour with a daily cap of £500 per bank holiday or 'weekend' day.

If the call out job indicates a longer failure, for example the Server has failed, we would attempt to get you up and running in a limited capacity, for example, transferring data to another PC (where Hardware allows) whilst the Server is repaired or replaced. Under these situations you will be advised of the initial and projected costs.



All prices ex VAT