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There are many computer shops, internet resources, friends and family that are all too often keen to help you.


Remedy IT Ltd are here to help you when you get confused with all the hype and advise overload. A simple call to us can help you resolve your IT issues.


Case Study

  1. We had a call from a chap whose computer was telling him he had a virus, yet the anti virus was unable to remove it. We went to his house but the virus was persistent so we brought the computer back to the workshop for more in-depth analysis. There were two parts to the virus, the main part which the anti virus seen, and a yellow button on the toolbar which asked to be pressed to perform a system check. However the button was actually updating the virus thus re-infecting itself.  We removed the hard drive to clear the virus away from the host system, but the type of virus meant that parts of Windows XP had been replaced with bad code. We had to rebuild not only Windows but use the exact Service Pack version to get the system running. That machine currently holds our record for 68 virus traces and lots of spyware (we lost count). It took 11 hours to clean the machine.