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There are many computer shops, internet resources, friends and family that are all too often keen to help you.


Remedy IT Ltd are here to help you when you get confused with all the hype and advise overload. A simple call to us can help you resolve your IT issues.


Case Study

  1. We were called out to quote for a simple peer to peer networking install. While there the engineer commented that the PSU was making excessive noise and could fail. Within a few weeks the PSU had failed. We had one in stock so within one hour of the call (including 45 minutes to get there) they were up and running.

  2. We were called out to see why an IFA's network kept failing. They were using wireless and the wireless router wasn't strong enough to reach the far rooms. Also, should anyone stand in the corridor the end office lost the signal. We wired up the office to CAT5e standard using a simplified networking schema. Now they access client data 100% at 100% speed.

  3. A long time client was due to move into a new modern style office and asked us to replace the old networking in the building. While there were only two RI's an administrator and PA we suggested they 'flood wire' the building to 24 ports to future proof themselves (12 for data and 12 for phones, so for each wall socket, one side was data, the other for a structured telephone system). They now have seven members of staff, and each time they move around the office, they can re-locate the telephone extensions by changing the position of a cable within the comms cabinet. The cost saving by not having to call BT each time they want to move the phone system around has now covered the initial system cost.

  4. A client was expanding to a barn conversion and asked us to wire the building for cabling which we done. BT looked after the telephone system so we liaised with BT during the roll out. However because we were brought in during the barn conversion we had access to the building plans. There had been an error on the electrical wiring which hadn't been spotted earlier. The client had specified double sockets, however the builder took that 'double' the sockets as in two sets of double sockets. There was a considerable cost saving made for un-needed power sockets