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About Us


Having worked in the IT industry and for other system builders since 1993 Remedy-IT started trading in 2000 with the aim of providing high quality and robust computers systems and support at affordable prices. We can keep our prices low by not having expensive offices and all the overheads that come with it. We are proud by the level of sales that has been created by word-of-mouth rather than advertising, indeed our sales from advertising accounts for under 5% of our total business.


Whilst based in the Midlands the company built up a good client base, and with the relocation of the company to Devon in 2005, many of our Midland clients still remain with us.


We believe this is testament to our proven record of good service and longevity


We consider ourselves to be an ethical company in as much that we have been recycling computer for many years, often taking old business systems, cleaning and repairing and then donating to schools and village halls. Cardboard and paper get recycled and we use low power laptops.


We are a family run business


Registered in England 5169420              VAT Reg 786 5769 54